Behind the Veil Album Review

Here’s what the webzine, Behind the Veil, has to say about our latest album, Balls!

It’s been over a year or so since I released the band’s debut titled ‘ Warband ‘. A album released by the band in 2015 and re-released by German Killer Metal Records in 2018 with 2019. So, in fact, the band’s second release comes after more than three years of their first work. A period of time capable of helping the band mature and develop their ideas and techniques better.

In the album with the laconic and full-bodied title ” Balls ” HUMUNGUS manages to harness their passion for heavy metal music, but not castrate it. They manage to mold it to give their compositions a more rational structure than the compositions of its previous release. As a result, this release is dynamic, passionate and diverse.

So, while the band is more mature and composed than the band’s previous release, the music remains faithful to their speed metal sound with some trash and heavy metal influences. Personally speaking, HUMUNGUS with their compositions brought to mind bands like EXCITER and AGENT STEEL . When not moving on more thrash metal trails I found references to SLAYER (“ South Of Heaven ” era ), early METALLICA , ANTHRAX and HALLOWS EVE . Finally in their more classic metal compositions such as the song ” Beam Of Light ” and ” Lightning City ” the NWOBHM effect is intense, especially from bands like RAVEN , VENOM and DIAMOND HEAD .

The HUMUNGUS manage to transform those influences into his own personal sound them to a nostalgic sounds, but the other is full of energy, ideas and beautiful natural freshness. In a nutshell, they’ve managed to create an album that sounds effortless and unassuming and tends to make you hear it over and over. A record that will entice you with its rapture and compositions…. Trust them…. You will not lose.

Nick Parastatidis @ Behind the Viel

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