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The latest Humungus CD is available now! The CD features 11 original songs that are guaranteed to make you bang your head!

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Humungus is an American Thrash Metal band from Richmond, VA. The band formed in 2010 and released our first demo shortly after in early 2011. Since then Humungus has released two EPs on Forcefield Records and two full-length albums on Killer Metal Records.

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Here’s what Metal Template has to say about our latest album, Balls! One of the best features in the 80’s was to see a recording label released. In those days, if the band didn’t have an established name, but came from a known label, it was easy to be heard. Of course that major label […]

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Here’s what the metal lords at My Revelations have to say about Humungus Balls! “With Metalaben the eye eats too! For the US metallers Humungus I didn’t feel like listening to the CD in front of me because “Balls” has such a bad dinosaur artwork! Humgus is 10 years old and after two EPs, this is the […]

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Here’s what the boys at Dark Scene have to say about our new album, Balls! HUMUNGUS was the evil leader of this end-time motorcycle gang from the Mad Max strip in the 80s (thanks to Kevin Lukitsch, the walking film expert). The quintet from Virginia, more precisely from Richmond, is not in such a bad […]

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