Dark Scene reviews Humungus Balls

Here’s what the boys at Dark Scene have to say about our new album, Balls!

HUMUNGUS was the evil leader of this end-time motorcycle gang from the Mad Max strip in the 80s (thanks to Kevin Lukitsch, the walking film expert). The quintet from Virginia, more precisely from Richmond, is not in such a bad mood, but not at all. After 2 Ep’s and the strong predecessor “Balls” . HUMUNGUS PRIMARILY stand for RAW but melodic thrash metal of the old variety, adorned with the typical trademarks of US metal and a small pinch of NWOBHM. The last song on the disc shows that you don’t want to or can’t change anything about this band’s recipe,”Thrash Like A Dino” wears.

Shouter Jack Bauer sings, screams and groans according to all the rules of art, just as the respective song can handle. In addition to the guitarist Peyton Gregory, who was already known from the last album, rhythm guitarist Joseph Granger joins “Balls” . Also new was bass player Wayne Pompey, who sets pleasant accents and is integrated audibly into the overall sound of HUMUNGUS.

All in all, it is a bit more varied, but also a bit harder and sometimes faster than with “Warband” to the point.

Highlights and recommendations for me are the “Beam Of Light” based in US Metal , the banger “Shadow Creeper” and “Night Bullet” reminiscent of hard VICIOUS RUMORS or ARTILLERY , where Bauer shows that he can also survive in high voices , For all metallers who like tradition and old school with independence, HUMUNGUS are more than just an insider tip, also because of their appearance (the band doesn’t always take themselves so seriously).

Uwe Pilger, Dark Scene

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