My Revelations review Humungus Balls

Here’s what the metal lords at My Revelations have to say about Humungus Balls!

“With Metalaben the eye eats too! For the US metallers Humungus I didn’t feel like listening to the CD in front of me because “Balls” has such a bad dinosaur artwork! Humgus is 10 years old and after two EPs, this is the second studio record of the five musicians from Richmond in Virginia. Melodic thrash with a light power / heavy metal touch is the formula of the Americans and this actually works quite well for the 40 minutes. If you do not like a bit weird and high vocals, you will certainly not be too happy here. But I can definitely get something out of the slightly crude and still rushing music. After a few songs the whole thing is unfortunately a bit tough and sometimes annoying due to too hectic riffs and missing good choruses, which can also be due to the unmelodic singing style. Here the musicians would certainly have to work on the matter to make the whole thing more appealing.”

-Thorsten Dietrich,

Rated 9 out of 15

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