Balls CD – Preorder

Balls CD – Preorder




The latest Humungus record is complete and it shall be titled “Balls”. Balls will feature 11 new songs that everyone is going to fall in love with. Some of the songs are fast, some of the songs are heavy, a few of the songs are heavy and faster than others. All of the songs can be loud while also having a fast pace, depending on the volume. We’ve really covered all the bases you need for a loud, fast, heavy, faster album. Did we mention that when you pre-order “Balls” you’ll also receive a white American Apparel t-shirt with the album artwork printed on the front?

Humungus Raptor t-shirt

“We did some extensive research and discover that no band has ever had enough balls to call their album Balls, so we’re calling the album Balls.”

-Guitarist, Peyton Gregory

You’re probably asking yourself… “how can I buy several copies of the new Humungus album right now?!”.

Smash that Add to Cart button and submit your order using our web store. A package will arrive at your doorstep in December of 2019.

The package will contain the following items:

  • Humungus “Balls” compact audio disc with lyric booklet. All the way from Germany!
  • One t-shirt with the Balls album artwork professionally screen printed on the front. (FACTS: The shirt has a dinosaur on the front. No one thrashes harder than a Raptor. Only 100 shirts will be printed.)
  • Two extremely awesome Humungus stickers. (Everyone loves awesome stickers. This deal includes two.)
  • A bunch of advertising from our record label. (Killer Metal Records).

Humungus - Balls Album Artwork

Balls Tracklist

  1. Iron Shod Hoof of Battle – Listen Now!
  2. Night Bullet
  3. Shadow Creeper
  4. Sewer Wolf
  5. Raptors in the Pit – Listen Now!
  6. Beam of Light
  7. Skull Dirt
  8. Lightning City
  9. Crucial Vortex
  10. Steel Crusher
  11. Dead Horse

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I have to wait till December to receive the album?

Answer: Our record label, Killer Metal Records, needs time to promote the album before it’s release to the public. That involves submitting the album to be reviewed by metal blogs and magazines. It typically takes 3 months for reviews to get published and as a result, all the die-hard Humungous fans must wait until December 2019 for the album to be released.

Question: How much does shipping in the United States cost?

Answer: Shipping in the United States is free because heavy metal is the law.

Question: How much does shipping outside of the United States cost? 

Answer: Use the shipping calculator on the checkout page to determine the cost of shipping. If a customs form is required the item description will read “BALLS” and nothing else.

Question: What happens when you run out of shirts?

Answer: It’s extremely likely we will sell out of these shirts since there are 100 available. You will receive an e-mail notification if you place an order and we’re out of your size. You will have the option of selecting a different size or canceling your order.

Question: Can I preorder Balls without a PayPal account?

Answer: Yes! You can pay for Balls using a PayPal account OR you can enter your credit/debit card information without creating an account. On the PayPal checkout page, there will be a small line of text that says “pay without creating a PayPal account”. Click that and enter your card information.  

Question: Can I return or exchange the shirt if it doesn’t fit?

Answer: Cut the sleeves off of the shirt. It will fit. No one returns to the wasteland. 

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