Balls features 11 new fast-paced metal songs that everyone can enjoy. The songs writing process for this CD began in 2016 and the songs were recorded in late 2018. One year later and it’s finally available to the public. In addition to 11 new songs, this album features two new band members. Wayne Pompey is the new full-time bassist, he replaced the founder of the band, Zach O’Carroll who left he band shortly after Warband was released. On rhythm guitar, we have Joseph Granger who replaced Ian Dishman. The new line-up is stronger than ever and we’re excited to continue performing music.


“Conclusion: Nonstop violently round strokes with the steam hammer austeilender Oldschool Thrash brutally where it hurts. – Join The Pit! 8.10”
-Michael Toscher, FFM-Rock

“HUMUNGUS is fun for the whole family, never too serious or too dangerous. The whole material is up-tempo like their label mates FRANKENSHRED but HUMUNGUS music is straight forward never meandering or overdoing the shredding parts and Bauer does a nice job on the microphone.”
-Reflections of Darkness

As fast and classic US Metal in the sense of STEEL PROPHET proves ‘Beam Of Light’. ‘Shadow Creeper‘ and ‘Dead Horse’, as one of the highlights, even have a hint of ARTILLERY. ‘Night Bullet’, on the other hand, can grow up with vocals at higher altitudes plus shouts.
-Street Clip

Balls Tracklist

  1. Iron Shod Hoof of Battle – Listen Now!
  2. Night Bullet
  3. Shadow Creeper
  4. Sewer Wolf
  5. Raptors in the Pit – Listen Now!
  6. Beam of Light
  7. Skull Dirt
  8. Lightning City
  9. Crucial Vortex
  10. Steel Crusher
  11. Dead Horse

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