FFM Rock Balls Album Review

Here’s a review for our newest album by Michael Toscher at FFM Rock. The CD was ranked 8 out of 10.

Second prank of the Ami-Thrasher HUMUNGUS. Not much has changed at first glance, except that the new disc was mixed professionally, which is the crisp fat in the ass-kicking thrash Richmond (Virginia) Fiver right. Still very early METALLICA, ANTHRAX, EXODUS, VIOLENCE, WHIPLASH, TESTAMENT and EXCITER have to be mentioned as references. The always hungry Thrashfangemeinde should listen up, if they grenades of the caliber “Night Bullet”, “Lightning City”, “Raptor’s In The Pit”, “Shadow Creeper” the mighty grinder “Skull Dirt” for the moshpit predestined anthem with so much good in the wing gets blown around the ears. At second glance, a significantly increased amount of clever variety attracts attention. Most of all, however, the power (thrash) groover “Lightning City” amazes many Melodic acts by showing where the hammer hangs – as well as letting the oppressive atmosphere of the “Steel Crusher” blending seamlessly with infernal Thrash hardness. That would not have been expected just four years ago.

Jack Bauer skilfully shuffles through all eleven songs with his powerful organ, that it is a bliss. The guitar group Payton Gregory / Josef Granger pampers reddish at the same time on highly technically savvy level acting broadsides, which have washed themselves inclusive of finesse breaks, rich backing vocals and vocals, plus refined leadsoli. Bassist Wayne Pompey and Drumtier Robby Scars form a heavy-hearted rhythm section. Showing aggressively snappy teeth, like the scavengers furiously furious on the album coverartwork make it rumble HUMUNGUS. Against the level of this disc stinks the passable Erstling really huge. The increase is called ‘Balls’. The Silverling bursts with crunchy killer hooks, irresistible brute midtempo grooves,

Conclusion: Nonstop violently round strokes with the steam hammer austeilender Oldschool Thrash brutally where it hurts. – Join The Pit! 8.10

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Source: https://www.ffm-rock.de/reviews-interviews/cd-reviews/37779-humungus-balls.html?fbclid=IwAR30Ut3WXWzcXxJ3pHjHQNK9JZ2HTA47FAFs52siPVNRWT9Fm8Py6P25YEU