Reflections of Darkness Album Review

Richmond, Virginia’s HUMUNGUS mix it up between traditional Metal and Thrash with shred parts here and there and a skilled vocalist named Jack Bauer (go to hell Nina… sic). The band formed in 2010 and ‘Balls’ is their second output to date. The bands’ lyrics mostly deal with partying, no wonder their first EP was named ‘Drinkin’ a Beer’. HUMUNGUS is fun for the whole family, never too serious or too dangerous. The whole material is up-tempo like their label mates FRANKENSHRED but HUMUNGUS music is straight forward never meandering or overdoing the shredding parts and Bauer does a nice job on the microphone. Although this output is a nice one Peyton Gregory’s statement that HUMUNGUS will change history is highly exaggerated. If you are a fan of bands like POSSESSOR you might dig this.

01. Iron Shod hoof of Battle
02. Night Bullet
03. Shadow Creeper
04. Sewer Wolf
05. Raptors in the Pit
06. Beam of Light
07. Skull Dirt
08. Lightning City
09. Crucial Vortex
10. Steel Crusher
11. Dead Horse

Jack Bauer – vocals
Peyton Gregory – guitar
Joseph Granger – guitar
Wayne Pompey – bass
Robby Scarce – drums


Music: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7 / 10