Street Clip Balls Album Review

The traditional keepers HUMUNGUS have been on the road since 2010. The US quintet is already on the verge of a demo, two EPs and their debut album from the year 2015, which was also refilled by “Killer Metal Records” last year on a silver coin.

Their previous line HUMUNGUS remains faithful to ‘Balls‘. The guys from Richmond, Virginia play a US Metal that lives up to its merits, but moves in the early stages of Thrash Metal and is aware of its Heavy Metal and NWoBHM tradition. Led by vocalist Jack Bauer and guitarist Peyton Gregory, they ‘ve been able to integrate harmless guitarist Joseph Granger and bassist Wayne Pompey since their last work ‘ War Band ‘.

The eleven new songs are sometimes heavy, sometimes faster, or both at the same time – that’s just how HUMUNGUS correctly expresses it. The opener ‘Iron Shod Hoof Of Battle’ is both. He indulges in a one-liner as a chorus, which as a small, long tongue twister but also has to be screamed several times. As fast and classic US Metal in the sense of STEEL PROPHET proves ‘Beam Of Light’. ‘Shadow Creeper‘ and ‘Dead Horse’, as one of the highlights, even have a hint of ARTILLERY. ‘Night Bullet’, on the other hand, can grow up with vocals at higher altitudes plus shouts. While ‘Lightning City’ is still breathing the air of NWoBHM, ‘Skull Dirt‘ and ‘Raptors In The Pit‘ have the spirit of rock, the latter song playing nicely with the musical attitude of the formation: “Thrash like a Dino”.

Tradition-conscious metalworkers are catching up!

7.5 points out of 10

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