FFM Rock DE – War Band Album Review

Written by Michael Toscher am October 08, 2018,

Release: Already released

Style: Thrash Metal


Sparkling old-school Thrash Metal in the style of EXODUS, VIOLENCE, ANTHRAX, WHIPLASH, ANTHRAX or TESTAMENT present HUMUNGUS of Richmond (Virginia), led by Shouter ‘Captain Jack’ Bauer at the 2018 re-launched rerealease of their 2015 debut ‘Warband ‘. Nine rabid 80s-like skull splitting cervical dislocators with phased rich backing vocals, sawing guitars, snappy shouting and rich drum sounds that are as hectic as in an anthill that is free of modern influences somewhere in intersection of the above mentioned band fundus, expect it Clientele. Constantly energized full-time Mosher know at latest at planing excesses of the type “War Band”, “Steel Thunder”,

Conclusion: Not a bad start in 2015, but this is already about three and a half years back. With that it is to wait and see if and when something of this talented US-Thrashfuhrer will come along. Safe insider tip for the Moshfan section, which swears by ANTHRAX, EXODUS, VIOLENCE, WHIPLASH and TESTAMENT. 10.7

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