Macrock 2015 Recap

This past weekend of April 4th, we ventured out into the mountainous wastelands of Harrisonburg, VA to perform at the 18th annual Macrock event at The Golden Pony (formerly known as The Blue Nile). Check out a short video of  our set playing the song “Giants Versus the World” which we recently released a video for, though I can’t say the video is as awesome as the band description that was published in the Macrock booklet.

Humungus – Sounds like shot gunning beerz, getting wasted in the desert, and shooting guns at nothing. For fans of throwback 80’s thrash and nuclear wastelands.

Humungus-macrock-band-description-wasteland-beer We all had a lot of fun, got to see and meet a lot of cool people and hope to be back next year.