Neckbreaker Magazine Balls Album Review

Here’s what our amigos at Neckbreaker Magazine have to say about the new Humungus album, Balls!

A mixture of thrash metal and traditional steel is the thing from HUMUNGUS from Richmond, Virginia. This is exactly what is celebrated on their second long player “Balls”.

The opener “Iron Shod Hoof Of Battle” comes out of the speakers with a lot of fun and I am reminded of the good old HELSTAR. But it gets even more violent. Steam hammers such as “Skull Dirt”, “Night Bullet”, “Lightning City”, “Raptor’s In The Pit” or “Shadow Creeper” are simply top pieces for skulling full of adrenaline.
No prisoners are taken, the accelerator pedal is put under a lot of strain and you can hear the double bass plowing nonstop and beautiful leads and hacking riffing buzz around the whole thing. Add to that the rough and high voice of front man Jack Bauer, who occasionally reminds me of Neil Turbin from the awesome ANTHRAX debut “Fistful Of Metal”.
But he also has the high screams of a James Rivera. In general, the work here is a feast for friends of acts such as OVERKILL, ABATTOIR, DESTINY’S END or ARTILLERY who like their Thrash Metal with decent vocals. A really great disc without failures, which literally conjures up the spirit of the eighties.


Overall Rating 8.5 / 10

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