Neckbreaker – War Band Album Review

This album came out in 2015 on its own. Killer Metal Records probably meant to license it and make it accessible to a broader audience. That’s good, because the work that seems unimpressive due to the simple cover is indeed killer stuff. Speed metal with thrash tendencies is the motto, in the direction of ABATTOIR, RAZOR FIST or EVIL INVADERS.

I mean, with heavy and aggressive vocals beleaguered (US) metal awaits you. “War Band” is the first longplayer of the four guys from Richmond, Virginia after two EP’s (2011 & 2012). The production is quite rough, but quite good, because it sounds powerful and real, just like Metal sounds in the rehearsal room or on a gig. No technical farts or computer-technical tricks. That sounds authentic and honest like the 9 songs, none of which is really for the ton. Cervical vertebrate songs of absolute masters with plenty of heart. It is always melodic and yet with a decent aggro level. 9 Songs, just Killers – no Fillers!

The band is still active and announces a new album for 2019! Hallelujah! (Ralf)


Ralf8.08 /10
Number of songs: 9
Playing time: 42:37 min
Label: Killer Metal Records
Release date: 10.08.2018