Screaming for Vangeance

Last Friday (April 12th, 2019) we loaded our gear into Jack’s van and hit the road to play a show in Washington D.C. About 40 minutes into our trip to DC from Richmond, VA we heard grinding noises coming from under the van. The noise got louder each time Jack let his foot off the gas pedal. Then the driveshaft broke and caused the van to spin out of control right in the middle rush hour traffic.

Luckily the ground was wet so the van fishtailed and then slid into the muddy median. We’re almost certain the van would have flipped if the ground was dry.

Everyone was fine and no equipment was damaged in the accident but the van was totaled. Unfortunately we were forced to cancel the show in D.C. that night. We apologize to anyone who showed up to the event expecting to see Humungus perform. We’re in the process is getting a new van and rescheduling another show in DC.