Tornado of Souls (Megadeth) Cover Video

This past weekend on December 14th, we performed a Megadeth cover show as “Merrydeth” at the 2019 Punks for Presents event hosted at The Camel in Richmond, VA.

Our rhythm guitarist, Joseph Granger was unable to perform at this event since he’s expecting a baby. As a result, David Stocker filled in on rhythm guitar and he did a great job.


Jack Bauer – Vocals
Peyton Gregory – Lead Guitar
Wayne Pompey – Bass
David Stocker – Rhythm Guitar (filling in for Joseph Granger)
Robby Scarce – Drums

Other performances that night by…

Sleigher (Slayer)
Faith Snow More (Faith No More)
Santa WK (Andrew WK)

Tornado of Souls by Megadeth
Lucretia by Megadeth
Hook in Mouth by Megadeth
Skin of my Teeth by Megadeth
Holy Wars… The Punishment Due by Megadeth