Twilight Magazine Balls Album Review

Here’s what Twilight Magazine has to say about our lestest album, Balls!

In the US of A everything is and was always somehow bigger, apparently also the “balls”. However, I’m just imagining myself going to the record store in Richmond, VA, the troop’s hometown, and saying, “Hey man, do you have humungus balls?” Would definitely be worth a try …

In any case, “Balls” is now the second album for the German niche label Killer Metal Records. And unsurprisingly, everything I wrote about “War Band” in 2018 also applies in the same way to “Balls”. The five shoots riffs from all tubes and mixes traditional US metal with thrash attitude. Fronter Jack Bauer still comes to dizzying heights, but is mostly limited to powerful Power Metal shouts that go perfectly with the riffing of the duo Gregory / Granger. In addition, HUMUNGUS should be the only band on the planet that has a lead singer and a lead drummer in addition to a lead singer and two lead guitarists.

While the album starts off really raw and brutal, you can fool more forgiving riffs with songs like “Beam of Light” before the double bass is released. The song quickly became one of the highlights of the album because it perfectly represented all facets of the band. And at the latest when you turn up the chorus of “Steel Crusher” with its weird vocals, the eggs fly around the ears of all fashion metals, post-rockers and grunge veterans.

HUMUNGUS have remained absolutely true to themselves and with “Balls” they impressively show that you can also be happy with razor-sharp, thrashy US Power Metal. Keep it up, boys!

Editor:Thorsten Zwingelberg

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